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Register Your Client

At the very beginning it is important that you register your client with his / her name. We will add him to our database and assign you with your name as the representative. In case we have the same client already registered, we will contact you immediately in order to find a solution.

Search our listings to find the ideal property for your client and let us know which one he / she is interested in and advise us when we have to arrange the showing. If you have your client registered, you can even send him the link to each listing or our entire web-site; no worries, you are safe and in good hands. Register your client and, from now on, you are protected and we will also register him with the Seller/Owner of the property as your client.

By registering with us you agree to our co-brokerage and referral policy. In order to give you the best service, we need more info from you and your client like: type of property, purchase budget, preferred purchase method like cash or financing, time frame of purchase, any preferences, and any additional information you can provide. Please note that some properties are not able to show immediately and need a 24-hour prior notice. The earlier we know, the better it is.


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